Dream question: Hearing my name?

Jessie asks “What about hearing your name called whilst asleep when no ones around?”

Delphi writes:
“This is an interesting phenomena. Hearing your name called out in a dream can feel so real you wake up convinced someone is in the room with you.

Some people will find that external noises in their dreams influence their dream content; so if you dream the phone is ringing you may wake up to find it actually is. Similar to dreaming someone’s at the door, to find the doorbell going as you “come to”.

But what about hearing your name?

The interpretation of this can depend on the context of the dream and so it’s worth considering not just who the voice might be but how you felt about it.

Spend some time when you wake up to focus your attention on the voice and ask the questions:
* Is the voice male or female?
* Do I recognise it at all?
* How did I feel when I heard the voice, e.g. scared or comforted?

You may find the first two questions more difficult to answer than the third, and don’t worry if this is the case. Determining how you felt about your dream is just as important and can give clues as to how you’re experiencing life at that time.

If the voice sounds familiar (even if you cant see them) it may be that someone in your waking life has been trying to get your attention but, for whatever reason, you’ve not been taking any notice. Perhaps there are things in your life at the time which have distracted you away from giving your time to people who matter most.

If the voice was demanding or scared you, it may be that something is getting on top of you and you’re worried you’re going to get into trouble over recent events.

Perhaps the voice was calming and reassuring, almost angelic. If this is true (and depending upon your beliefs) it could be worth considering that the voice was a dream messenger introducing themselves to you. People who are beginning to explore a spiritual path may consider meeting their “guardian” or guide through their dreams. In fact some cultures still believe today that dreams are communications from a more divine authority. Its important to emphasise that dreams of this nature will always leave you feeling refreshed and energised, never sad or distressed. If you woke up hearing your name, you can always ask, before you next go to sleep – and if you feel ready – if you can meet them again.

From a different perspective, if you wake up as soon as your name is called it is also possible that your brain is alerting you to an immediate problem which needs your attention in an awake state. You may be getting too hot and so waking you up is the best way of cooling you down.

Don’t forget to keep a dream diary if this is something that happens on a regular basis – you may notice patterns which offer an important clue as to why you have this dream when you do.

Jessie asked her dream question via Twitter.

More exciting dreamy stuff, including more questions, interesting insights about dreams and this online dream dictionary at Helping you Sparkle™.

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12 responses to “Dream question: Hearing my name?

  1. Early hours this morning i was asleep and i heard my name being called and i woke up and heard it again. A few moments later my virgin box switched on and off on its own. Its absolutely petrified me :(

    • Hi thanks for sharing. It’s interesting that you woke up to find that something was happening in the room. This emphasises what I was saying that on a Soul Level you can pick up on the energy around you even when you’re asleep. It may even be that how you felt when you woke up somehow transmitted energy into the room causing the box to do what it did. Energy seems tangible, like when theres tension in a room you can “feel it”. Make sure you’re managing your stress and watch your energy levels match how you want to feel. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Hello this moring I was awoken to my name being called once. It was a low toned loud whisper ( creepy ) I live with my gf and I woke her up and she clearly didn’t call me name. I also called my mother in the we hours of the a.m. 3:50 am. Went to voice mail. Any reason why this happened?

  3. I was in a deep sleep, I heard my name said externally. I woke up and sat bolt upright looking towards where the voice came from. I was actually answering the call as I awoke. My name was said in a loud, clear voice which seemed to be wanting my attention. It made me feel panicked as though something was wrong. I don’t remember dreaming about anything just before. It really scared me and I wasn’t able to return to sleep. It didn’t seem like a dream.

    • An experience that got your attention Cathrine and that’s what makes it important and worth exploring. Have a look at some of the questions in this article and see if they help you get to the bottom of it. Don’t be afraid to accept that you are raising your spiritual awareness to the possibility that there is more to life than we can see.

  4. I can hear my name called out during the day, it is a familar voice, but none of passed family members and the like…prophets always had their names called, and are to respond, but I didn’t even have a chance, to stop and stand still to acknowledge it…

    • If you are experiencing “signs”, whether as dreams or during the day a great way to take positive action is to keep a diary. That way you can start the process of identifying clues, e.g. why you have them when you do, even if you don’t recognise the voice or their purpose. You can receive a free copy of my guide on keeping a dream diary here http://officialdelphiellis.com/downloads/

  5. Hi. When I was 15 I heard my name twice. It was a males voice. I heard it the first time, and ignored it. The 2 nd time it came closer to my ear. It sounded like a gentle voice, I guess? I was wide awake.

    Then recently . I jumped out of my sleep because I heard my mothers and my fiances voice. Two different times. My moms voice sounded sweet, my fiances, kind of demanding .

    What could this be?

  6. I was alone the house I live in during the week 200 miles away from my family last night. I was deep asleep and dreming when suddenly I was awakened by my wife saying my name. She said my name as though she was trying to get my attention. It was real and it was loud enough that it woke me up. I remember my dream and it had nothing to do with my wife and kids. Was this just my sub-consciuous or did I really hear my wife say my name? I’m very freaked out by the experience.

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