Dream question: What does my toilet dream mean?

L asks: I had a dream last night that I needed the toilet at someone’s house and there was no door on it. What does this mean?

Delphi answers:
Whenever we need the toilet in a dream, the interpretation may depend on whether or not you needed the loo when you woke up.  Sometimes dreams can be influenced by external stimuli (like being thirsty or busting to go) and this filters in to your dream content causing you to have an associated dream.

I once went to bed extremely hungry and dreamt I ate the most delicious cheese and cucumber sandwich – I could taste every mouthful! Similarly if you found you needed the toilet when you woke up, this may have influenced your dream content.

That’s not to say this is the only meaning, especially in your case where additional material was presented, with the door missing. For some, both doors and walls can disappear leaving them feeling exposed.  This can be a literal translation suggesting that at the time of the dream you may have put something “out in the open” or put yourself in a situation where you were open to the scrutiny of others.

Toilet dreams can also suggest that you are finding it difficult to get any privacy; it may even be that at home, in waking life, there is no peace, with you being disturbed or interrupted even when you want to spend a penny!

One last thing that interested me about this dream: it was at someone else’s house. Houses in dreams are very personal to the dreamer so if you can remember who the person was, consider why it was that individual; it may just be emphasising the fact that you spend more time out of the house than in your own.

My top tips:
* If you have opened your heart recently which has left you feeling a little exposed, try not to berate yourself especially if this has backfired. Just remind yourself that what’s done is done and consider what you would do differently next time so you can take some positives from the scenario
* If you are having trouble achieving some time out, especially at home, create some “quiet time” in your diary, even if its only an hour a week, and ask friends and family to respect this so you won’t be disturbed
* Remember to keep a dream diary as this can give you clues as to why you have certain dreams when you do.

Sweet dreams!

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