Delphi Ellis

Delphi is a fully qualified therapist who has worked with dreams and dream analysis for over a decade; her main focus is to help you rediscover and reclaim your inner sparkle through the power of Soul Work. She views the Soul as that part of you which has your best interests at heart and through embracing its messages, Delphi believes that you can uncover how you really want to be and feel in the world.

Initially working with the bereaved, she explores extensively questions about life, death, visitation dreams, spirituality as well as meaning and purpose. Today, she helps people from all over the world embrace their Soul Power by understanding these secret messages of their soul, and helping them bring the magic of their hopes and dreams to life. Through her events and consultations she provides an empowering blend of counselling and coaching to help you get your sparkle back.

You can read Delphi’s short biography here.

A Soul Counsellor, inspirational writer and recognised expert in the field of dreams and nightmares; Delphi is a qualified therapist and mentor, with a professional background and over a decade’s experience in counselling, training, personal development and leadership. She is mum to two children, living in Bedfordshire.

As seen on ITV’s This Morning, Delphi is passionate about helping you reach your Soul Potential and helping you maximise your dream content and showing you how to achieve refreshing sleep. An engaging speaker on her specialist topics, she provides a warm and empowering approach to positive, personal growth. She is a spiritual mentor helping you find direction, discover your purpose and lead the confident, sparkling life you want to live.

Delphi’s interest in helping people began from a very early age when family and friends noticed she was “wise beyond her years” and often described her as an “Old Soul”. She also showed a keen interest in dreams and dream analysis from a very young age. At the age of just 14, she was helping people understand these coded messages with startling accuracy and told she should one day become a counsellor.

As she grew older, Delphi did just that, dedicating herself to her professional training and is now a fully qualified client-centred therapist. She embraced a passion for helping people when she began her therapeutic career working in the field of bereavement in 2002, helping people to cope with and understand their loss. She worked particularly with those bereaved by murder and suicide which included supporting clients at inquests in the Coroner’s Court. She explored extensively the power of positive stress management in the healing process which included helping clients to embrace the wisdom offered in the insightful secret messages of their dreams and nightmares.

Delphi fully believes in the empowering nature of her work not just because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback she receives from her clients, but from the fact that her philosophies have seen her through some of her own difficult life experiences and out the other side. You can read more about some of this on her website dedicated to depression in pregnancy.

She now describes what she does as Soul Work, using her professional training and qualifications to help people find fulfilment, reveal their “sparkle” and even discover their Soul Purpose – what they want from life, what’s holding them back and how to get where they want to be.

* Delphi is a dedicated professional who works with people from all over the world to reveal their Soul Potential, offering productive and effective ways for their Soul to Sparkle *

Through empowering one-to-one consultations, she promotes the benefits of meditation and effective stress management in clear and easy steps, helping you to develop a tailored plan of positive action to help you reach your goals. Through her training, she is also able to provide up-to-date advice for refreshing sleep and relaxation, all ways to help you find Sanctuary for your Soul.

* People ask for Delphi’s help because they have reached a cross roads in life, sometimes without even knowing how they arrived there. They know there is more but don’t know how to achieve it. They may have it all but still feel unfulfilled. Delphi opens a doorway to your Soul which is aching to help you live the life of your dreams *

Qualifications and Training

Delphi has a CPCAB Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling with additional training in Stress Management, Meditation, Dream Analysis, Spiritual Coaching, Reiki, Bereavement Care and Sleep Assessment. She promotes Dream Work and Symbology (the study of signs and symbols), incorporating powerful ideas of Universal Energy and Synchronicity. She is also a registered IoEE Mentor.

PR & Media

Delphi is proud to have worked with several organisations including Champneys, Sky, Dreams (bed store) and Maybelline promoting the power of dream and symbol exploration. Her media appearances have included BBC Radio 2, ITV’s This Morning and presenting the Guide to Sleep on Daybreak. She has featured in several articles on different topics in Natural Health, Daily Express, Pregnancy & Birth and Spirit & Destiny. Full list of media appearances. She attends many fairs, exhibitions and events annually and presents seminars, workshops and training on her chosen topics.

Personal Achievements

In 2004, Delphi developed a unique website working with women affected by ante-natal depression (stress, anxiety and depression during pregnancy) and in 2007 won the Spiritual Connextions Award for Service to Others. In 2008, she was also the regional finalist for the Health and Social Care Awards for Mental Health and Wellbeing. She has authored a unique eGuide on Understanding Ante-natal depression, stress and anxiety as well as other useful downloads designed to help people reach their potential. She is currently writing a book on Dreams.

Charity Work

Delphi supports several charities including Bedford Hospital’s Charity and Cruse Bereavement Care, where she volunteered as a fundraiser, trainer and member of the Area Management Committee.

Her name

Delphi is her real name and was named after a famous place in Greece known for its Oracle who, interestingly, gave people helpful advice and used to analyse their dreams. It is very much part of Delphi’s destiny to help you in this way.

The information provided through these pages and consultations is open to individual interpretation and is not intended to replace the advice of your healthcare team. Please speak to your doctor before deciding upon any form of action which may affect your health or if you have any concerns about your health and wellbeing.

A link to a third party website means we believe you may find that information of interest. It does not mean we endorse every aspect of that site.

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