Delphi Ellis

Delphi is a qualified therapist, coach and mentor specialising in dream analysis.  Her professional background started supporting the bereaved, particularly those bereaved by murder and suicide.  She worked privately as a counsellor whilst offering workshops on her specialist topics incorporating her passion for understanding dreams and helping people who had lost their ‘sparkle’.  She had a successful TV and media career (you can read about these here) and won several awards for services she helped provide to vulnerable people.  She also ran a successful mentoring service with a well known charity supporting people with mental health conditions from mild to moderate depression to more severe and enduring illnesses like bipolar and schizophrenia, using solution focused goal setting to help their recovery.

Delphi now works for a local charity, living with her family in Bedfordshire.  She still writes for this blog and Helping You Sparkle™ although is not currently offering any professional services through this website at this time.

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