49 responses to “Dream question: Hearing my name?

  1. Early hours this morning i was asleep and i heard my name being called and i woke up and heard it again. A few moments later my virgin box switched on and off on its own. Its absolutely petrified me 😦

    • Hi thanks for sharing. It’s interesting that you woke up to find that something was happening in the room. This emphasises what I was saying that on a Soul Level you can pick up on the energy around you even when you’re asleep. It may even be that how you felt when you woke up somehow transmitted energy into the room causing the box to do what it did. Energy seems tangible, like when theres tension in a room you can “feel it”. Make sure you’re managing your stress and watch your energy levels match how you want to feel. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Hello this moring I was awoken to my name being called once. It was a low toned loud whisper ( creepy ) I live with my gf and I woke her up and she clearly didn’t call me name. I also called my mother in the we hours of the a.m. 3:50 am. Went to voice mail. Any reason why this happened?

  3. I was in a deep sleep, I heard my name said externally. I woke up and sat bolt upright looking towards where the voice came from. I was actually answering the call as I awoke. My name was said in a loud, clear voice which seemed to be wanting my attention. It made me feel panicked as though something was wrong. I don’t remember dreaming about anything just before. It really scared me and I wasn’t able to return to sleep. It didn’t seem like a dream.

    • An experience that got your attention Cathrine and that’s what makes it important and worth exploring. Have a look at some of the questions in this article and see if they help you get to the bottom of it. Don’t be afraid to accept that you are raising your spiritual awareness to the possibility that there is more to life than we can see.

  4. I can hear my name called out during the day, it is a familar voice, but none of passed family members and the like…prophets always had their names called, and are to respond, but I didn’t even have a chance, to stop and stand still to acknowledge it…

    • If you are experiencing “signs”, whether as dreams or during the day a great way to take positive action is to keep a diary. That way you can start the process of identifying clues, e.g. why you have them when you do, even if you don’t recognise the voice or their purpose. You can receive a free copy of my guide on keeping a dream diary here https://officialdelphiellis.com/downloads/

  5. Hi. When I was 15 I heard my name twice. It was a males voice. I heard it the first time, and ignored it. The 2 nd time it came closer to my ear. It sounded like a gentle voice, I guess? I was wide awake.

    Then recently . I jumped out of my sleep because I heard my mothers and my fiances voice. Two different times. My moms voice sounded sweet, my fiances, kind of demanding .

    What could this be?

  6. I was alone the house I live in during the week 200 miles away from my family last night. I was deep asleep and dreming when suddenly I was awakened by my wife saying my name. She said my name as though she was trying to get my attention. It was real and it was loud enough that it woke me up. I remember my dream and it had nothing to do with my wife and kids. Was this just my sub-consciuous or did I really hear my wife say my name? I’m very freaked out by the experience.

  7. I need help and advice. A few weeks ago I awoke to the sound of my name being called . I mumbled a huh in my not quite awake state. The voice then called out again ” Carlie we need you to wake up”. I sat bolt upright in bed terrified realizing that I was home alone. After a few hours I shook it off as nothing but a dream, but it keeps happening, only when I am home alone and each time the voice seems closer and more menacing. I’m very scared. Please help.

    • Hi Carlie, thanks for sharing. I can understand why your experience feels so scary and many people can relate to what you’ve described. One thing I will start by saying is that everyone is different, so the reasons for your experience will vary from person to person. Just as we doze off, we enter a very light sleep. For some people, occasional voices/visions are normal during this period and don’t cause any disturbance. However, regular experiences like you’ve described can be a sign of stress or a symptom of an underlying sleep disorder, both of which can be treated (and often without medication) quite easily. I would recommend a visit to your doctor and chat through what’s happened. One thing I will say from all the people I’ve worked with is that a “spiritual” experience (ie if you’re worried it’s a ghost) is not described as scary, in fact the opposite – the dreamer wakes up feeling as if something magical has happened. This is why I’m inclined to think the source may be stress related instead. You may also find my free eGuides around dreams and sleep at http://www.helpingyousparkle.com/members of interest. Just sign up to the mailing list for free access to the members area. Thanks again for sharing.

  8. On two occasion I have abruptly awaken early in the morning with a call from my husband and brother voices. The day I heard my husband’s voice calling, we ended up having a real big fight about him coming home late at night. Two days later, I have heard my brother’s voice calling me. Does this mean, we are going to fuss too? I am afraid. I hate fighting with the people I love. What should I do?

    • Hi Mardia, unfortunately we can’t blame our dreams for how we choose to behave during the day, when we are awake. Dreams can give you insight into your life, but ultimately you decide what part you play in what happens next. Remember that hearing voices during sleep can also be a sign of stress, so make sure you are managing your stress during the day. There are some top tips to help you “Sparkle” in the members area of my Helping You Sparkle website when you subscribe https://helpingyousparkle.com/resources/subscribe-to-members-area/ You may also find it useful to talk things through with someone who can remain helpful and objective. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I’ve heard my name being called while in a deep sleep numerous times throughout my life almost becoming a common occurrence. Most of the time it’s really creepy and starts low before yelling it at me. Less than a handful of times have I felt calm and okay after awakening from my name call. I also have been awoken many times from screaming. Usually high pitched female screams but two nights ago I had my first male scream. They always startle me to where I jump back from where I heard the voice. I have seen things and heard things both sleeping and awake so I do believe in spirits but with my name and the screaming happening so often – is it just my subconscious at this point?

  10. In my dream i heard my girlfriend calling me from outside of my house and i wake up and checked she was not there i called her phone to confirm if she’s the one calling but it wasn’t her.

  11. Hi I woke up at 230 am abruptly to the sound of my voice being yelled out at thinking it was my hubby yelling Kat come here so I go in living room as he fell asleep in there last night and he was dead asleep so I’m wondering what does this mean cause I wasn’t dreaming anything before I woke up but I do know it was his voice any information be very much appreciated thanks

  12. I’ve been having repeat occurrences of a deep intimidating voice right beside my ear shouting my name waking me up to find my air conditioner (window unit) being cut off like somethings adjusting the timer and then I can’t get it turned back on for a few hours.. I’m honestly starting to get concerned as to my mental standing with these occurrences it’s like I’m being toyed with whether it’s me doing it to myself or there is something else doing im just fishing for a second opinion to figure out if I’m crazy that some random voice is screaming my name every night for the past two weeks waking me up at 330 to see my ac cut off.

  13. Hi, this week in two separate occasions I heard my mom say my name. In one, she called me and said a name of my sister’s neighbor and on the other only called my name. I’m confused, is it because I’m going to hear some news or is she going to pass away? She is 75 years old and she doesn’t take care of herself. What could it be?

  14. I woke up in the middle of the night hearing a childs voice saying Mom. It was so clear loud and close. My aons were both asleep.I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or girls voice. What does this mean?

  15. This has happened to me a handful of times where i was asleep and I would hear my dad call my name but I knew he wasn’t home ( if he needed me he would knock too) but this time it was my ex girlfriend she screamed my name out and I jumped up looking around it freaked me out. I honestly thought I was going crazy but I googled it and other people have been experiencing the same thing but what does it mean??

  16. Hi,

    I am a 35 year old male and haven’t really paid any attention to ghosts etc. However, this morning, approx 7:35am I woke up to a woman’s voice loudly saying my name. My wife was at work, she works night shifts, and my 8 year old step daughter was fast asleep. It was a ladies voice, very clear and loud. It has freaked me out a bit to be honest. Any ideas what could have caused this? Noone in my family has died recently – I just can’t work it out. After mentioning it to my wife today, she said that she used to hear 3 knocks at the door. It wasn’t limited to one house, it has happened a few times over the years at different properties. I’m wondering if they are linked or we are cursed or something? Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated.

  17. I was between asleep and awake when i hear a voice say “mom”….i was awake enough to respond barely “what” then realize i was “dreaming” this has never happened before. I think it was female but as the day went on i just wasnt sure if it was male or female. Wasnt scary kind of a whisper maybe a little louder

  18. Hi. My ex husband died after a freak accident this week. I flew back from holidays to be by his side before the ventilator was turned off. I felt so sad even though we have been separated for 8 years. Last night whilst in a deep sleep I heard my mother call my name so clearly and I woke myself up by saying ‘yes? Out loud. My mother died 21 years ago and have never had any signs during this time. What does this mean?

  19. I can’t remember my full dream but the part i remember is when i woke up to a shout of my name, it was very clear who it was, it was my grandad, he shouted my name that loud i woke up thinking he was here, he wasn’t, my grandad is still alive but he lives at least a 3 hour drive away (with no traffic) so there is no way i could of heard him, i havent talked or seen him in about a year. If this means anything please get back to me, even if it means something bad just tell me.

  20. Hi.. im very spiritual, i have recieved the holy spirit throu angelic dream, the day before yesterday I had a dream I saw bubbles with different colours and a voice called out my maiden name, I have been planing to leave my marriage due to problems. I don’t know what God is trying to tell me, please help

    • Hi, it is not for me to say what God is trying to tell you but you may benefit from speaking to a spiritual pastor at your place of worship. The experience you’ve described is a fascinating one, and similar to what I’ve written about on my website dedicated to dreams and sleep: from my research, it appears to happen during periods of stress which if you’re planning major changes in your life, that would make sense – you can find the link here https://thedreamsmaven.com/2016/05/05/dream-question-why-am-i-hearing-my-name/ Thank you for sharing.

  21. Last night I was awakened by a female voice that said my name in a very direct loud tone “BRIAN” I immediately woke right up and looked over to my wife who was asleep and then towards the bedroom door where I thought it was shouted from..Didn’t creep me out just thought it was strange..i fell asleep around 930pm and was awoken around 1232am when I looked at clock..nothing after that went right back to sleep..just found it odd or am I losing my mind?? I do have lucid dreams and have been able to actually meet/contact a friend in dream while he also dreamnt..it was kind of cool discussing it after it happened…when i tell that story people think I am nuts..but contact in my dreams has happened a lot from past and present…this is the first time a direct shout of my name has occurred…brian

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