Why am I dreaming about Chris Evans?

“Last night I was either working for or with Chris Evans (Radio DJ), then ended up at a cake sale in a furniture store!” Kate.

Delphi says:
Dreaming about celebrities can seem quite exciting, especially if it’s someone you admire or aspire to work with; the dream feels so real, its as if you’ve actually got to meet them.

How you feel about the celebrity you dream about will affect the interpretation so it’s definitely worth considering why you’re having dreams about Chris Evans and whether or not you have any strong feelings about him (good or bad), professionally or personally. For example he is most famous for being a radio DJ and very good friends (according to the press) with his ex.

It’s also important to bear in mind that what we think we know about celebrities isn’t always fact and its easy to form an opinion about someone in the public eye based on how the media wants you to feel about them. If they have an autobiography (which they have actually personally written, not just authorised) it can help you get to know that person a bit better whilst giving them the opportunity to set the record straight. If you’ve read something about him recently this may influence your dream content.

Dreams which are focused around work can also be relevant to your work environment and in your case you weren’t sure if you are working for or with the Chris Evans character. It maybe that there is some ambiguity about your working arrangements and so it would be worth paying these some attention to iron out any creases which are developing (over structure for example).

You then arrived at a cake sale. Traditionally any dreams which focus around food are thought to relate to how well you are nourishing yourself. Cakes are usually seen as a treat and so it may be that you need to make more opportunities to look after yourself with a bit of pampering every now and again. Cake sales are usually associated with charitable giving and fundraising, so it may be you’ve had some ideas recently about how to raise some money for a worthwhile cause.

The setting for your dreams is also important and for you, this was a furniture store. For some people places like this are a luxury (which would emphasise the need to treat yourself) but also collecting furniture can be a hobby. It may be that you have a particular project or interest which requires some investment, and you’ve been thinking about ways to do the things you love without compromising your income.

Furniture is also associated with how things fit in to your life and so looking at new furniture can also suggest you’re considering whether or not you have the time, space, money or energy for something else.

So in summary:

* Take a look at your working relationships and consider if there is some confusion about structure which may involve a “Chris Evans” type character or personality
* Consider making time for yourself and make sure you’re eating well
* Have a think about how things are “fitting” in to your life and, if you have a new project in mind, how you may be able to make this work and what positive steps you can take (e.g. Around finances) to make it happen

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