Dream Question: Dreaming of an eclipse

Amanda asks: Last night I dreamt I saw an eclipse. I was in a car and pulled up at a junction and ahead of me was a huge, eclipsed moon. What does this mean?

Delphi answers:
Your dream is powerfully symbolic, with one of the most magical dream symbols which embraces the gift of the feminine. The moon in dreams in the way you’ve described may represent a gateway to new possibilities and your next stage of your journey, emphasised by you being at a junction or crossroads in life.

This may be affirmed by the presence of the car, a mode of transport to take you from one destination to another; in this case, it may also be perhaps, a metaphor for how you are experiencing life. You say you were in “a” car rather than “my” car; this attention to the language you use can differentiate how comfortable you felt in this situation and how familiar it was to you. How you feel in the dream is very important to the interpretation.

The moon is often associated with emotions, moods and memories and sometimes these can be interconnected. In your case your moon was eclipsed. A lunar eclipse (as opposed to a solar eclipse) is when the light of the moon is hidden by the sun as one crosses the path of the other at a specific point on the globe. This means that in your dream you were in “the right place at the right time” to witness it, a reminder that everything is working out as it’s meant.

It’s also worth mentioning that because the sun is blocking the moon in your dream – and you describe this as huge – its possible there is a dominant, male influence (the sun traditionally associated with Kings and masculinity) getting in your way. This may even be your own tendencies to show traits traditionally associated with masculinity (such as being less obvious with your emotions) which are stopping you from embracing your feminine side; this may be particularly relevant if memories, experiences or events from your past, have “taught” you to be less open about how you feel. It is a long held belief that the masculine and feminine should be balanced within each of us.

My Top Tips for Helping with Eclipse Dreams:
* Spend some time thinking about your journey so far. Are you repeating unhelpful cycles? If so, consider what these are and how they are standing in your way, to the point at which you’ve arrived. What is in the way of your life’s direction? Remember, if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.

* The moon is a very magical symbol and so it’s worth recognising that, spiritually speaking, this dream may be asking you to consider your Soul Purpose – why you are here. Are you where you want to be right now? Are you fulfilled? It may be that you relate to being at a crossroads in life and some helpful planning will assist you in identifying your goals, and how you will achieve them.

* Are you hiding behind a mask for your real emotions? If you’re currently in unknown territory or not sure which way to turn next, speaking to a close friend or qualified professional may help you to uncover your feelings in a helpful and positive way. See if the message in this dream can help you decide what may be holding you back.

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Sweet dreams!

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One response to “Dream Question: Dreaming of an eclipse

  1. This interpretation was very helpful, and it goes well with males as well (I’m a male). I’m not sure if this was the exact eclipse in my dream because in mine, there was the sun (with solar flares), then the moon, then a huge asteroid in one huge eclipse. I was in a bus with all of my close friends near.

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