Dream Question: My shoe laces snapped

James asked: “Last night I dreamt I was tying up my shoes and the lace snapped. Thoughts?”

Delphi replies:
Shoes in dreams can have a variety of meanings personal to the dreamer. If you are the Imelda Marcos of shoe collectors then your shoes may represent much more than just something comfy to wear on your feet. They often represent status, lifestyle and wealth.

In your case you were tying your shoes when the lace snapped. It may be that you have experienced some financial hardship recently or that this is something you fear – particularly if life is going well on the money side of things.

It’s also worth considering if these were a favourite pair of shoes you were wearing or associate them with any particular activity. As strange as it may sound, how you felt about the shoes themselves will have a bearing on the interpretation.

The language you use when describing a dream is as important as the content and you said the lace “snapped”. In metaphorical terms this may be an action you can relate to at the time of the dream – for example have you snapped at someone recently or have the actions of others been the last straw when it comes to your patience.

Having said all of this shoes can just as easily be about shoes and it may be time for you to go on a shopping spree! My top tips:

* Keep a record of your dreams to see if there are patterns developing around certain themes so you can make a connection
* If someone’s driving you to “snapping point” have a think about how you can articulate this to them in a way that avoids a difficult confrontation – maybe chat this through with a friend first
* If money or investments are a concern consider consulting an independent financial adviser who can put your mind at rest.

Thank you for sharing. Interested in dreams? Visit my dedicated online resource. Please read the important information at the bottom of this page before leaving a comment or question. 

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