Dream Question: What do ghosts mean in dreams?

In perfect time for Halloween, Jaze sent her dream question to me via Twitter : “What does it mean when you’re fighting an invisible entity (ghost) in your dreams?”

Generally speaking, people either believe in ghosts or they don’t and when it comes to dreams where ghosts appear how you feel about these ‘entities’ will have a bearing on the interpretation.  If you don’t believe in ghosts, then your dream may relate to something you literally don’t believe is happening in your life or that someone (perhaps not to be trusted, or that you don’t know very well) is trying to force your hand in some area.

If you have an open mind about the Spirit World, then ghosts which appear can take the form of people you know.  Many people describe visitation dreams, a wonderful experience where someone you has passed away appears in a dream with a healthy glow and positive message to inspire you when you wake up.  Where someone who you have loved and lost appears in a dream but their behaviour is unkind, this often reflects feelings of guilt or unresolved issues around their passing which may need to be talked about.

Have a think about the entity that appeared in your dream and whether you recognised them (even if not in appearance, if there was just something about them which seemed familiar).  If however, their image was more like an apparition or presence which felt threatening this may be the phenomenon known as ‘Old Hag Syndrome’ – a threatening or menacing figure which may seem to intimidate your dreams.  This is often a symptom of stress and acknowledges that you need more time to relax and find balance in your life.

In your dream you said that you were battling the entity.  This may represent some conflict which is in your life at the time you had the dream and in fact may represent a battle you’re having with yourself.  Ghosts in dreams can equally be the part of ourselves we don’t like or are frightened to confront.  Having a battle with the ghost can suggest that you know some changes need to be made and are taking positive steps to address them, even if the journey is painful at the start.

Top Tips for Positive Action:

* Consider why you had this dream when you did and why you use the word ‘battle’ in your description of the dream.  Are  you doing battle in some area of your life and is someone or something getting the better of you in some way?

* Take positive steps to manage your stress in case this has prompted your dream.  Take time out to relax and have a nice warm bath before bedtime to set you up for a great night’s sleep.

*  Are you aware of some healthy changes that need to be made in your life or have you been thinking about how short life is?  These thoughts may have manifested in your dreams in this way and provide the opportunity for you to start making plans for positive change.  Think about setting your intention for the day to help you achieve the life of your dreams.

More exciting dreamy stuff, including more questions, interesting insights about dreams and this online dream dictionary at Helping you Sparkle™.

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2 responses to “Dream Question: What do ghosts mean in dreams?

  1. What does it mean when I’m dreaming of a dark entity coming at me and it turns into a dark green and I wake gasping for air?

    • Hi Tina, this sounds like a form of sleep paralysis which accompanies what’s known as “old hag syndrome”, it’s very similar to feeling a “presence” in the room. Essentially, it’s usually stress-related and so I would encourage a trip to your doctor if you’re under a lot of pressure. Having a good bedtime routine (incorporating relaxation) can also help. You may also find this article on my website useful. https://thedreamsmaven.com/2016/05/19/dream-question-why-do-i-have-nightmares/ It would also be worth exploring why the colour was “dark green ” and what this would mean for you symbolically.

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