Dreams and Sleep

The subject of dreams fascinates people, and I’ve been working with dreams professionally for over a decade, helping people explore and understand their meanings.  There are a number of different theories about why we dream and what they mean, so I work in an integrated way to help people decipher the messages within them.

To pay for a dream interpretation by email, click here.  You’ll receive an in-depth analysis of the content you share with me, which can offer you food for thought about the dream you’ve had.  Remember, you’re the best person to decide ultimately what your dream means.

TV and Media Career

I have enjoyed a TV and media career talking about the subjects I am passionate about, including healthy sleep and dreams.  To find out more about my time in the media, click here.

The Dreams Lady™ is my dedicated website on dreams and sleep (people often refer to me as ‘The Dreams Lady’ hence the title!).

You can find a range of information on that site, including common and recurring dreams, discussion around dream theory, why we have nightmares and much more.

I also offer people top tips on what can help them achieve a better night’s sleep, including teaching about mindfulness.  You can find out more about this here.

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10 responses to “Dreams and Sleep

  1. I keep having dreams about my boyfriend cheating on me and it’s always with different girls. We are both really happy and have both been treated badly in the past. I am quite insecure about my body but he loves it. I don’t feel like I have anything to worry about I just want to understand why this is happening

  2. I have dreams of seeing my bother in law …. he died a year ago…. In one if my dreams he looked young again… he told me that God keeps them busy and he is happy …and he was thirsty… I gave him orange juice

  3. Hello I keep having dreams and night mares of people close to me dieing and wake up so emotional😓I lost my mum when I was 12 years old and have dreams that she’s walking through the door

  4. For the passed couple of days I’ve been dying in my sleep and waking up as soon as my life is about to end, it’s so scary really, what should I do

  5. Why do I dream of my wife having sex with another woman ? But not cheating …. with me not there either

    • Men think about sex differently and more often (generally speaking); the part of the brain that thinks about sex is two and a half times larger in men than it is in women. So the interpretation of sex dreams can vary, depending on the content, including what’s happening and with whom.
      Sex in dreams is rarely about sex though, it’s usually about power and control. It would be for you to decide why your wife is having sex with another woman in the dream – including who the other woman is, why her and whether your wife was consenting to the act – and how what we know about the brain, and the theory about control could influence that. Remember though, the dream probably isn’t about your wife at all – its your dream, so have a think about when you’re having it, how often and why.
      Thanks for asking!

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