You say I’m emotional like it’s a bad thing: Embracing Womanhood

Following moments like “Me Too”, women began to reconnect, unify and come together under an umbrella of “I hear you”.

Despite this, we still seem to live in a world where women aren’t taken seriously and even criticised for, well…being a woman.

We are seen as over-sensitive and emotional. As if that’s a bad thing.

There are actually many things that make a woman. We know what it’s like to feel vulnerable, compassionate, to be empathic, to experience intuition.

And all of these things are beautiful.



And yet society favours logical, scientific explanations for everything, even though sometimes there are none. It tells women what they should do, be, wear and so on. It sees vulnerability and emotion as weakness, (they’re not), compassion for hippies (nope) and female intuition doesn’t exist (it does. Women know. They just know).

It’s one of the reasons I started my women’s group, Serenity. We talk about the challenges of what Anne Dickson described as “The Compassion Trap”, where we try to be all things to all people, trying to conform with what we “should” be and do, often feeling like we’ve failed, often sacrificing our own needs to keep others happy. Sound familiar?

Women are starting to recognise that it’s okay to have “me-time”. But many ladies who attend my groups admit they still feel guilty for doing that.

Time out feels self-indulgent. Selfish. Bad. And no one wants to feel bad, do they? So we keep any activities which help us take care of ourselves to an absolute minimum.

It’s time this changed.

It’s time to embrace womanhood and all that it means to be an authentic woman, true to yourself, comfortable in your own skin.

Not who we should be, by whatever society or men/other women/parents/the media say. But who we are. And, start putting our needs on the priority list. I often say, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

So what can we do?

One of the things I’ve asked all the ladies who attend my groups is if you set one resolution for 2018, make it to do more of what makes you sparkle. In fact, it’s why I created Uncage Your Wild™️ in an effort to make sure women recognise that it’s okay to do something for yourself. It’s okay to be a wild woman. (Wild meaning free).

What will you do for yourself in 2018 that will bring out the best in you? Post something here or on my Facebook or Twitter pages as a commitment to yourself, and continue the movement for change – don’t forget use #uncageyourwild when you do.

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Copyright Delphi Ellis – Helping You Sparkle™️

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