Period Clothing – Starting a conversation about menstrual health

According to Plan International, 48% of women and girls in the UK  (aged between 14 and 21) are embarrassed talking about their periods.  We also know, that in the UK, 1 in 7 girls are struggling to afford sanitary wear.

Thankfully organisations like the Red Box Project, have a mission to:

“quietly ensure that no young person misses school because they have their period. Working as a nationwide community, The Red Box Project seeks to provide free menstrual products for the young people in our local schools.”

As they pointed out on Twitter in this vital thread, there are a number of other reasons why girls may not have access to sanitary wear at home, including living with domestic abuse.

So, I’ve spoken with them and Bloody Good Period, added some on-trend statement t-shirts to my clothing store, so that a percentage of profits will go to The Red Box Project. You can view the range here.  

The t-shirts are aimed at starting a conversation, and challenging the stigma around menstrual health.  (You’ll see there’s even one for ladies who understand the menopause).  Because no one should be ashamed of their cycle, and everyone, everywhere should be able to afford sanitary wear.  Period.

If you buy one of these t-shirts, share your pictures on Twitter with the hashtag #periodclothing

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